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Welcome to DEJON Forklift

"Forklifts that fit": DEJON is your forklift specialist, who finds the right electric, gas or diesel forklift or working platform for you. Whether new machines, used forklifts or forklifts for rent; whether rough terrain forklifts, front loader, pallet trucks or working platforms: Whatever fits with your warehouse and transhipment jobs, we will find it for you! We arrange new forklifts and working platforms of leading producers, as well as used forklifts and rental forklifts from the large range of used and rental forklifts of our partner INDUMA-Rent.

Use our expertise in the field of forklifts and benefit of an economic and efficient solution for your forklift need! Visit us or call us - a non-binding conversation with DEJON is definitely a profit for your internal vehicle fleet!

Current Forklifts

The highlights of our range of used forklifts, rough terrain forklifts and telescopic forklifts, as well as all other industrial trucks.

Technically accurate, carefully examined and ready for use for many futher forklift working hours!

Pramac-AGILE PLUS S4 1150x525 mit Elektroantrieb - Vorführgerät-Hand Pallet Truck-www.dejon-gabelstapler.de
AGILE PLUS S4 1150x525 mit Elektroantrieb - Vorführgerät
Hand Pallet Truck
Com. Nr.: DG-3191
Capacity1200 kg
Lift height115 mm
Pramac-LX 14/42 Triplex Free-High Lift stacker-www.dejon-gabelstapler.de
LX 14/42 Triplex Free
High Lift stacker
Com. Nr.: DG-1255
Capacity1400 kg
Lift height4110 mm
Battery V24 V
Haulotte-Star10 AC-Vertical / Personnel Lifts-www.dejon-gabelstapler.de
Star10 AC
Vertical / Personnel Lifts
Com. Nr.: DG-1299
Capacity200 kg
Working height10000 mm
Battery V24 V
Battery Ah240 Ah
Bomaq-B30 MP 4WD -Rough terrain forklift truck-www.dejon-gabelstapler.de
B30 MP 4WD
Rough terrain forklift truck
Com. Nr.: DG-1502
Capacity3000 kg
Lift height5000 mm
Magni-ES1012E-Scissor Lifts-www.dejon-gabelstapler.de
Scissor Lifts
Com. Nr.: DG-1310
Capacity450 kg
Working height10000 mm
Battery V24 V
Battery Ah225 Ah
Haulotte-Star 8S AE-Vertical / Personnel Lifts-www.dejon-gabelstapler.de
Star 8S AE
Vertical / Personnel Lifts
Com. Nr.: DG-1488
Capacity200 kg
Working height7950 mm
Battery V24 V
Battery Ah180 Ah
Magni-ES0607EP-Scissor Lifts-www.dejon-gabelstapler.de
Scissor Lifts
Com. Nr.: DG-1463
Capacity240 kg
Working height5600 mm
Battery Ah70 Ah
Magni-ES0607E-Scissor Lifts-www.dejon-gabelstapler.de
Scissor Lifts
Com. Nr.: DG-1313
Capacity240 kg
Working height5600 mm
Battery Ah70 Ah
Haulotte-Compact8-Scissor Lifts-www.dejon-gabelstapler.de
Scissor Lifts
Com. Nr.: DG-1220
Capacity350 kg
Working height8200 mm
Battery V24 V
Battery Ah185 Ah
Toyota-9FBMK30T-Electric 4-wheel forklift-www.dejon-gabelstapler.de
Electric 4-wheel forklift
Com. Nr.: DG-1518
Capacity3000 kg
Lift height5496 mm
Battery V80 V
Battery Ah620 Ah
Pramac-MX 10/16 - Vorführgerät-Handstapler-www.dejon-gabelstapler.de
MX 10/16 - Vorführgerät
Com. Nr.: DG-2752097
Capacity1000 kg
*Sonstige-Hydr. Maschinenheber-Hydraulische Werkzeuge-www.dejon-gabelstapler.de
Hydr. Maschinenheber
Hydraulische Werkzeuge
Com. Nr.: DG-1175
Capacity10000 kg
Lift height140 mm